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Monday, October 17, 2011

Single is not a dirty word, nor a Shakespearian tragedy

Hey thar!

So, I should totally be asleep, especially with a 6:30 am wake up call, but for some reason I just had to write. Why is it that to be single and divorced is like a four letter word? After looking at several different on-line dating sites, I had the audacity to join one, and boy was I shocked. It seems that unless you want to shell out nearly 400 bucks a year for EH, troll Star Bucks, make a b-line for Paddy's pub, or revert to your twenties again and hit up the night club scene; you are destine to join the hundreds of free ones, where every womanizer, playa, p.i.m.p and miscreant seems to just lurk in the shadows.

I found this quite hilarious actually. If you aren't naked, down to your skivvies, have an i.q. above a turnip; or basically have some respect for yourself, than you are doomed to the average pile. I did some trolling of my own, and found that most men on these sites have no clue what the woman is all about. The ones who say, "I want something real, No gamers, and only serious women need apply", are even funnier than the idea of being on a dating site in the first place.

I found this out, (granted he was very handsome) when a gentleman sent me a message. I am by nature a Feminist, lol, progressive liberal and a socialist. I was kinda confused why a very active conservative would message me and ask me for a date? I couldn't stop laughing, and that just proves my point; that they don't actually care what the women on the site have to say, they go for the looks. Granted, there are people out there who can leave their political callings out of the bedroom, but they are very few and wide. Not to mention, when I looked at his page he was against homosexual marriage. C'mon! I'm a liberal!

Yet, I won't just knock the guys. The women are just as bad, and I did find myself actually saying hello to men that I had to go back later and actually read their profile; because I was turned by a yummy face :) Despite all of the lovely trappings, I'm sad to say that this saddens me :(

What we are really seeing is that there is a lack of communication. Granted, this is the 21st century, and there is mass media, like text, emails, IMing, facebook, your book and my book, cell phones that actually let you see the person you're talking with and the like; however, each and everyone of these is lacking something. That connection, person to person, face to face interaction.

I'm almost afraid to see what the future actually does hold. Will there be no more libraries? (I would just shrivel up and die). Will we communicate through video without ever coming in actual contact with the other person; and sex is like that one scene from Silvester Stallone's Demolition Man, where he and Sandra Bullock have a sexual interlude via neural transmitters? hahah!

So, you ask, what is this thing called dating, on-line dating, bar hoping, clubing and the lot? I have no F*&^%$n clue. But Single is not a dirty word, nor a Shakespearean Tragedy. In the words of the illustrious Medea, "I can do bad all by ma damn self ". :)
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