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Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Day...:)

Well hey,

So, the drama of last week is over. And for that I am completely happy. So with all of the shite of last week, something kewl came from it. I was offered a new contract from my publishing company for Shards of Grey, my historical fiction book. To say that I was ecstatic would be an understatement lol, but I'm totally stoked.

This was the silver lining of last week. So, finally I'm done with book 11, but as I was going through them, I decided to put in more of the Council. I noticed that throughout all 11 books so far, that there was only a few incidents that they actually came face to face with them, so I decided to incorporate them through out the book, so that you, my readers can see how truly diabolical they actually are. I think you'll like what I've done, because I had so much fun writing it. I like the fact that i get to be devious, calculating and just plain evil, and have to answer to no one for it, because it's not really me haha.
So book 11 is done, and we have, enter the Titans. But Arieanna doesn't know that, and I certainly won't tell you who it is, you have to read it...

As for the reviews, (I'm over the Bitten by Paranormal Romance by Artemis) but I feel like the Coffee Time one had some valid points about the book that they didn't like, but then I feel like to each his own. I guess when we as writers write, we sometimes forget that we have an audience to write to. But at the same time, you can't please everyone. When I wrote Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, I had a goal and a picture, or a filmstrip in my head that I could see rolling as i wrote. Maybe the fact that i am a teacher took over where the myths were concerned, but as for my fans they actually said that they loved it; despite what the Reviewer Artemis said about it being a snooze fest.

I think that's why i had such an aversion to what she wrote. I think there is a way to say that you don't like something, and being honest if fine. Just act like an adult when you do it. I take comfort in the fact that people actually championed my book on her site, and contrary to what they posted, I have no clue who those people are; except to say that i am truly proud that they stood up for me, and are my fans.
Stay tuned for new updates on the progress of Shades of Grey, as well as Teach Me the Night, the second book in the teaching between midnight and dawn series.

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