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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Days Like This...


I know it's been awhile. Been crazy busy, released three more books in the last month, but I may have a break soon lol. With finals being last week and this week, preparing my students for some prime chaos...muhahaha, j/k.
With this being the holiday season, I'm rushing to get the 11 books from the TBMD series out there. Great stocking stuffers, (I know, shameless huh? LOL). Anyway, I think with my birthday coming up, Christmas too, my wish is to learn how to be an AUTHOR!
I take criticism pretty well, but what bugs me is when people think one thing, when it’s totally the opposite. 
So, you guys know pretty well I write both the vamp/were and Fae series. My characters have accents, and I just loooove to use British slang. Nothing sends it home like “He’s Tuppin what? Moses just got shanked by Dobbie!" Lol.
Anyway, because of the accents people seem to mistake them for typos, then either berate my books, or score them low. Now, I wouldn't have a problem if they were crap ( and you guys seem to think not), and it was an honest review; like the story didn't work for me, the time was off, the characters were hard for me to identify with, or the like. That's fine with me, because I know you can’t please everyone. And with me getting into this business this last year, I'm learning to accept that. However, what I do have a problem with is when it is a mistake on the readers part. 

what I've done, is as thick as it may seem to you guys since you already know my style, I've put a word list on the first pages of the book; and maybe this will help. I won’t change it, because I just feel like, the accents, slang and what have you give the Characters…CHARACTER.
As a teacher it truly bugs me, because this is a learning business. I know if it was one of my students, I would point out why I thought these things. 
What I would really love, is if instead of emailing me to tell me how much they think my book truly sucks, they would send me an email pointing out where I could find the typos/ off sentences, why they hated the character, what they though the time difference should have been, or why they thought the time travel seemed off. To me, that is helpful. Not just a tyrant or tangent of why the book sucked, or didn't suck. (Especially if they decide to email me.)

One reader said my TBMD was “Riddled with grammatical & spelling errors." 
That just hurt, because it's posted on a certain site, so I'm pretty much stuck with it. When I put the list on the first couple of pages, she sent me an email saying basically, "My Bad", because she saw that she was wrong, but didn't bother to change the review. 
Another reader gave me three stars on one of my historical, then commenced to go through the book with a fine tooth comb, and what she pointed out, just seemed so trivial to me. Because she said she really enjoyed the book, that just kinda seemed like an oxymoron to me. Anyway, this is a learning game, and I just felt kinda jaded today. I'm trying to hold onto the adage "You can't please everyone", but what reviewers and readers seem to forget, is that we bleed red as well. Harsh comments hurt us as well. So, I can honestly say I'm learning, swallowing, and dealing. (Needless to say, my sales for that book plummeted I was at 500 out of 200.000 historical romance authors, then dropped to 2,000 just from that one review, and I’m only just recovering now) Because another reader loved the book and rated it 4 stars, I'm back to where I was rated. 
Much Love Pgirl!
What I hear most often is, " then get out of the business, suck it up, or you need to learn how to deal!"

Albeit, that may be true but cruel is cruel, whether author or reader; like the woman who said "Interracial romance sucks, the people who write it are delusional, and they should stick to their own kind." 
Humm, and we're just suppose to accept that because it is a readers opinion? 
Here in lies the conundrum. 
And yet I do, because as the author, to comment on something like that is seen as unprofessional, immature, and not graceful at all. 
At least that's what readers tell me.
But I digress,
As I’ve said, this year my Xmas/B-Day wish, is to Learn to be an Author.
Charlaine, Laurell, Anne, How y’all do it gurl! I seriously need some help!!! 
Alie out!
I truly hope this post didn't offend anyone, just what I felt like today...
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