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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Say What????

 Hey Everyone!

Hope you weekend is awesome so far.
Just some lil tidbits for today...or more to the point...questions for me the author.

With there being more Geeks & Nerds like me running the show nowadays…
Is it really a legitimate complaint of readers to bitch about Accents and different languages in books today?

From Lord of the Rings…to Game of Thrones…just to name a few…
Why would an accent in a book not only surprise…but annoy the reader?
If you’ve watched anything IFC, then you have not only heard the language, but you also had to read the English as well.
Why can it be watched, but not read?

I have tried for ages to understand the standard exasperating response of readers who post things like,” It took me out of the book,” or “It messed up the flow of the book,” and in all my years of being a reader, and now a writer; I have yet to be “Taken out of the Book!”
That makes no sense to me…
As an author, we really wish you would explain what you mean exactly? This is not only ambiguous, but maddening as well trying to figure out exactly what you meant, and why.
But hey, that’s just my opinion.

As well, I don’t understand how you give a book you enjoyed a 2 star, because the book “rocked,” but the accent pulled you out of the book?
Come again?

I have never given a book I enjoyed a 2 star because of an accent, even if I have to look up some of the words, the book was still fabulous.
I was just curious.

If anyone out there knows…give me a heads up please…LOL…Cuz I’m still confused.

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