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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Snippet Sunday...

The Softer Side of Alie...
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Well Hello Everyone!!!
Guess's Snippet Sunday!!
This Weekend...We're featuring a snippet from...

                          Two Sides of Opa!

He hadn’t spoken to me since I turned him down that night, but he should have been grateful. I was sure it would have fucked up what friendship had begun to blossom between us; however, we were right back where we started three years ago.
I sighed as he placed the plate in front of me, then took the seat across from me.
He spent the next ten minutes explaining to me what he’d cooked in Greek, and all I did was nod.
I so didn’t want to be there, but I was in a jam, and needed his help.
As I helped to clear the bar and the dishes, he finally spoke to me directly.
“You aren’t saying much.” He stated as he refilled my glass, and I looked up at him.
“I could say the same for you the past three weeks.” I returned, downed the drink, and he grinned slightly refilling it.
I felt it go to my head then, but the warm fuzzy feeling was better than being pissed off at him, so this time I sipped the drink, savoring my buzz.
“You confuse me, is all.” He countered, and it was my turn to frown.
“How so?”
“You are full of this Kefi…like I have never seen in any other woman…however you repress it…and never allow it to surface.” He frowned, and I smiled slightly.
Although backwards, it was a huge complement. Many Greeks directed their lives on their Kefi, and for him to say something about mine, was a turn on actually. On the surface, when a Greek mentions the word, Kefi, they are referring to, joy, spirit, passion, happiness, triumph, mojo, excitement, feeling good, having fun, or just simply loving life. Basically experiencing something positive. The real benefit of finding your Kefi however, is finding it when times aren’t at their best or folding it into your daily life.
Kefi requires three simple rules to the Greeks:
Let go! Life doesn’t always play out. The more you focus on something that didn’t work out, the longer you think life sucks. Go with the flow.
Live in the moment. Live in the present. This is something most Greeks believe in.
Take Naps. That’s right. Villages in Greece will more or less shut down for a few hours after lunch. We in America call this the itis! Basically taking time to just sit and relax.
And most important…Dance. Dance. Dance.
Get up and move your feet. There are many traditional Greek dances that every Greek does and while the younger generations have their clubs, they still bust out a Greek dance or two. So get up…be free! Dance…as if you were “Zorba The Greek”
 “I see no reason to.” I muttered, and he looked me in the eyes then.
“No.” I stated and looked away, when he drew my face back around to face him frowning.
“I disagree.”
“Why?” I demanded, yet his response was to seize me, place me on the bar, step between my thighs and give me a true taste of his Kefi.
Shit, my brain screamed.
I couldn’t help the sigh as his lips touched my skin.
Πες μου αυτό δεν είναι ό, τι θέλετε;” Tell me this isn’t what you want, he whispered, and I could only moan as he sucked the skin in the curve of my neck into his mouth.
I instantly felt lightheaded.
Shit, I was toast!
I thought as his hands traveled the length of my thighs, and he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth.
Θέλω να αφήσει να πάει και να επιτρέψει ΚΕΦΙ σας στην επιφάνεια.” I want you to let go and allow your KEFI to surface, he whispered in my ear, laced his fingers in my hair gripping it, and I shook my head.
“Yes, it is part of the lesson. Greek is filled with passion…your Kefi…and if you do not have it…then how can you speak Greek…enjoy life…and give in to all that is Greek.” He hissed in my ear, I felt his erection through the thin fabric of my Vicki’s, then gasped as his other hand caressed me even lower.
The deep moan escaped me, and he chuckled.
“Akhilleus.” I cried out, as his finger slipped inside of me, and he shook his head.
Αρκετά…simply feel. Give me your Kefi.” Enough, he commanded, and I gasped again, my head going back, as he drew the skin in the curve of my neck into his mouth again and bit me.
He suddenly lifted me, wrapped my legs around his waist, but his lips never left mine as he walked towards what I assumed was his bedroom.
He tossed me on his bed, then slid up my body, his massive hands parting my thighs as he did, kissing them in his wake.
He slid the straps of the dress off, then removed it completely, only to stare down on my heaving breast, his grin widening.
 “It seems like I have been waiting an eternity for this.” He moaned in my ear, and I cried out, as his fingers slipped inside, and his lips captured the moan.
Κι εγώ επίσης.” Me too, I confessed, he laughed as he flipped us, and I was looking up at him.
 I felt the massiveness of him settled between my thighs, and I looked up at him surprised.
His grin spread wider, he shrugged, then deftly removed my undies in one swoop, as his head dipped towards my breast.
The heat of him was almost unbearable, and it was driving me crazy.
“What?”He whispered in my ear, and I shook my head, moaning, as his fingers continued their magic.
Πες το.” Say it, he commanded, as he drew the skin in the curve of my neck into his mouth again, and I screamed.
δεν δύναμαι!” I can’t, I cried, as he removed his fingers, then made small circles with the tip of his shaft.
I was shocked when I felt the condom.
When had he done that?
I asked myself, but when he pushed his hips slightly forward, I didn’t care anymore.
“Yes you can, and until you do, I won’t. Your lesson for tonight.” He stated grinning, as he slid down my body.
My muscles tightened and jerked in anticipation of his lips on my skin.
He suddenly jerked me forward, and as he buried his face in me, the scream left me.
“Akhilleus!” I screamed, and he laughed again, causing it to send trimmers through my entire body, as he sucked my bud into his mouth.
“That’s my name.” He stated, then flicked his tongue in the opposite direction, and I felt the orgasm building, so intense, that I could barely breathe.
Πες το.” Say it, he commanded, and I shook my head.
“No!” I cried, and he buried his entire face in me, lapping me sweetly.
“Try again.” He demanded, as he slid two digits inside, then drew me into his mouth again vigorously sucking.
“Fuck me!”I screamed, as I shot into the orgasm.
“That’s my gurl. Now in Greek.” He grinned as the words tumbled from my mouth in incoherent Greek, slapped my ass as he drew me forward, then flipped me over, brought me to my knees, then began caressing me. I screamed, as he drew his hips forward, bit the back of my neck, then slapped my ass.
Γαμήσεις!” I screamed again as I felt it surge up from my toes. 
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