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Sunday, April 17, 2016

When Enough is Enough…and you still don’t fricken get it!

Hey y'all!!!

So yea...I've been known to vent a time or two lol...and I'm feeling like it's one of those days.  
I’ve been wanting to do this rant for a while now, however, I’ve been extremely industrious in the last year; the move to NYC, getting employed, apartment hunting, editing, ect.

Nevertheless, today as I was chatting with a co-worker, and finally obtained her permission to vent lol; due to the fact that she is in correlation, as well as directly linked to my rant.
 As I listened to her myriad of do’s and skewed don’ts for the last two weeks, her entire scenario on the dating scene, wanting so desperately to stop her mid-rant, smack the shiza out of her…or as the count would say; 1-2-3 times for being completely clueless, then nod for her to continue on; the woman in me sort of stewed about it all day after her long drawn out tangent. Not to mention, I just knew that this would be a new book! I could already see the characters formulating in my brain as I listened to her.

My postulation: and please if there are any brave men out there, do indeed give me your two cents, because I can’t for the life of me fathom this conundrum, and that fecal matter Mars vs. Venus cock n bull gets on my last nerve.
People are people…some are just assholes.

My Query: Why is it that when a woman isn’t really interested in a man, she has the balls to articulate that, and basically end what could be a very thwarting awkward state of affairs for the both of them?
My coworker has been seeing this guy at work, he’s cute, nice body, and pretty much the bad boy type (she’s still young, and hasn’t learned that the bad boy is overrated; I’ll take a hot nerd any day of the week over the bad boy), or as my Nana used to say la belleza es como la belleza hace (beauty is as beauty does). Enter drama…like a Shakespearean Tragedy….they were dating for about a month, had fun, and suddenly one day he simply just stopped calling or texting her. He would speak to her at work, but it was pretty much nattering on about this or that kind of malarkey…with the compulsory “hi, how ya been, how’s the weather, kind of trite bollix.

She couldn’t for the life of her understand what happened, or where it went wrong, so basically she was clueless. She tried texting him to find out why, but he ignored her text. She would run into him at work, ask what happened, and he would came up with some hackneyed bullshite line like “his phone was off, his battery died, or he was in the shower and simply forgot to text her back.

To cut a long story short, due to the fact that said relationship was on a bombastic knocking boots level…i.e. they wus gettin busy…did a bit of Shagging mate…she became all dewy doe eyed, and would still actually speak to him at work.
Now maybe I’m just a rigid bitch at heart, due to the overwhelming fact that I would have acquainted him with the adage, “take your phone and shove it up your ferret,” clearly, then immediately expunged his number, text and anything else that had to do with him.
Therefore, at long last today as I listened to the ear hemorrhaging, eyeball rolling tirade yet again, I finally told her that if she texted him one more time; “I would choke her the fuck out!”

It was obvious that he’d only wanted one thing from her, and after he acquired it, he was through with her.
Herein lies my dilemma with the opposite sex!

1.      Why not just fucking say that it was over, instead of allowing her to send masses of pathetic text messages, basically constructing herself to be some needy, clingy, emotive basket case? Why would anyone allow someone to continue texting them, and never answer them? It is a completely fucked up way to allow someone, “to get the message,” it simply states that you are a coward
2.      He saw her five days a week, at the very least he could have pulled her aside, maybe even said something like it just didn’t work out; if he was too much of a wanker to call her.
3.      Or even taken the coward’s way out and left a post it note on her desk!

Anything is better than allowing her to berate herself, thinking that “She” in fact did something wrong, when he was simply an asshole.
Furthermore, why not just convey to her to begin with, that he didn’t want a relationship, that he only sought after a hit it and quit it situation…that he had no intentions of ever having a relationship with her?
This to me is the male Dog!

Not all men, but this type do run in packs, and are almost always nowhere near as Alpha status as they believe. Moreover, it is quite plain to see why they do not communicate such requirements … for the reason that this type cannot enlighten…due to the fact that if they do…you as the hunted female…now have Options!
I would respect a man more if he were upfront with his intentions; at least by knowing his purpose…I now have the opportunity to say yes or no, have alternatives, can make an informed decisions as to whether or not I want ass spanking hot sex…a booty call…or I simply want to step off and avoid him at every turn. I can then determine as to whether or not it is worth it.
I have been approached like this on any number of occasions, and although I thought a few of them skuzzy, I respected the honesty more; then some asshole who pretends that he wants to actually date, when all he really wants is to get laid!
I feel completely awful for her, due to the fact that she was truly enamored by him, and as I sat listening to her I realized that is most men today. (Notice I didn’t say all)
The word relationship, or long term today in this technological age is like the black plague, and most men run from it screaming at the top of their lungs. In this smart phone, instant gratification society, if it’s not a hook up, fwb’s, or sexting; people seem to give the impression that it’s outlandish, or some obsolete notion to want to have a long term lasting relationship.

Nevertheless, the ones who truly piss me off are the ones who say they don’t want a relationship, however they fit a need that you have at that point in time, so you’re cool with it; then they “catch feelings” as the young hip-hop nation say on their own, then act like an asshole because now they want a relationship, and you’re just like wtmf!
As a man of this arbitrary thinking, you have already placed us in that category, i.e. bootie call…hook up…merely sex for the asking because you both want it; however, now because you “caught” feelings “you” believe it should change?
Da fuc outta here wit that mess!
On the other hand if you act just like them, i.e. the male counterpart in the relationship…the Alphanow you’re a bitch.
I whole heartily believe in the axiom “Think like a man, act like a woman,” in today’s society, so I am therefore labeled bitter very often by my male friends.
I am totally not…they’re just not worthy.
It’s like a monogamous unswerving relationship is akin to a polluted utterance, and people find it hilariously funny when guys post these memes of some skeleton implied to be a woman, with a caption like, “Hoes be like…I’m waiting for my soul make, or I’m waiting for the right man.”  I deem those captions are quite revealing in and of themselves of the men who post them, because in actuality they have no concept or notion of what a true relationship in fact denotes.
From online dating, which is a cesspool of veritable hook-ups, penis shots, porn advertisements, Viagra, and vagina cam shots…and creepiness on an altogether distinctive type of echelon and fuckery (I tried it), to meat markets (where I want to screech that I need to be a fucking vegetarian) bars and pubs, the unadorned underling fact that screams so often is…maybe it pays to be single.

In spite of this entire scathing state of affairs …you are then afflicted with the barrage of men contending that you abhor men, are vinegary, or maybe just a plain bitch, so you’re a turn off to men because you have morals, values, and you desire to be used by no one, least of all some hit it and quit it jackoff.
What happened to relationships like my Grandparent’s?
Now that was love, 47 years to the same person, through ups and downs, life changes, children, and all the things that come with a relationship?
Is it any wonder that people today see this as antiquated, when our society perceives people like Beyonce/JayZ, Kim/Kanyee, Miley/ Liam (who indecently said, da fuc! and got out) Kristen/Robert as role models for relationships?
No wonder my co-worker got the shaft…and I mean that in more ways than one…

Thus I end my rant with…Men…Just tell the fucking truth..

for several reasons, but the main ones are;
1.      You’ll end up not having a stalker!
2.      She won’t be pissed enough to fuck up yo shite for being an absofuckenlute tosspot asshole!
3.      It is the decent fucking thing to do!
4.      How would you like to be used just for sex…and have no clue or consent about it?
And lastly, how would you like it if some dude just used your sister, female cousin…or divorced mom for ass spanking hot sex, then just tossed her aside like she was a street walking sucia?
So remember my homies…Karma is a bitchso presumably female…and she always has a way of making sure ye get yer comeuppances…

Pin out! ;)

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