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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Snippets snippets snippets...

The Softer Side of Alie...
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Hey all!

It is disgustedly hot here in NYC!
I have no ac, because they don't have central air and heating!
Whose barberic idea was that!
Thought I'd post a lil snippet from one of my upcoming you enjoy...

Coming soon..

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat;
Fortune Favors the Bold...

Chapter One…
Tealeaf Pockets Coffee House…

I sighed as I looked at the computer screen. 
My deadline was over a week ago, and for some fricken reason; I just couldn’t think of an ending to this book, that wouldn’t be some “Notebook,” cheesy ending.
I loved what I do, but sometimes there was a fine line between Romance...and Cheesiness.
I sighed again, motioned to the server to refill my tea, then squared my shoulders. 
I was going to finish this fucking book if it killed me!
Glancing up from the screen something out the window caught my eye. 
My eyes widened, and I merely gaped at his awesomeness.
There before me, was the hottest man I had ever seen, unlocking the trunk on a black B.M.W.
I watched intently as he removed his shirt, then perked up loving all the goodness I was witnessing.
However, what struck me as strange, was the fact that he suddenly changed into a dress shirt, tie and suit coat right there on the street. He reached into the trunk, glanced around, then stuck something into his waist behind his back and my brows rose.
I was hood enough to know that it was probably a glock. He retrieved a briefcase, closed the trunk, glanced around again, then caught my eye.
I gasped wide-eyed; he frowned, then turned and walked the other way.
Now common sense would have told a normal sane person to look the other way and forget about what they just witnessed, but I think it’s quite evident that I am 
1. not nearly as sane as I claim…and 2. too fucking nosey for my own good. 
I closed my laptop, threw some bills on the table, then hurried out of the coffee shop. 
I caught a glimpse of him turning the corner, hurried to catch up, then crept around the corner following him.
I drew up short hissing, because it was an alleyway.
“Shit!” I hissed again, immediately began to backtrack, when I felt the press of a gun in my back.
“Have ye never heard the sayin love, “Curiosity Killed the Cat?” He commented dryly, and I felt my heart drop to my feet.
Before I could respond, shots rang out; he shoved me to the ground, returned fire, then rose snatching me to my feet.
I had to run twice as fast just to keep up with him, all the while dodging bullets.
He shoved me into some little cubby hole, then squeezed in nearly on top of me, and I gasped up at him wide-eyed.
“As beautiful as ye are I would completely fancy a shagging, however now is not the time.” He barked, I glared at him, then attempted to shove him off of me; when he placed his hand over my mouth.
I immediately began to struggle, when he removed his hand and replaced it with his lips.
I felt that kiss resonate in areas that had been long neglected, moaned before I could control it, and he drew back grinning.
He then commenced to back out of the cubby hole pulling me with him.
He raised the glock, looked around, but there was no one there.
I jerked my hand from him taking a step back from him, and he frowned.
“Seems ye not only mucked up my job, but ye let him get away. Come on.” He declared, reached for my hand, when I shook my head taking even more steps back glaring up at him.
“Hell no, I have no clue who the fuck you are; not to mention, the piece isn’t gaining you any favors!”
“If ye want to continue breathing, then ye had best do as I say. Ye just fucked us six ways to Sunday, and Glover saw ye following me I’m sure. So as of this moment; it’s lark about with me, or never make it to morning.” He stated, and I gasped up at him.
All of a sudden the handsomeness of his face hit me.
Dark sable hair to his shoulders, at least three days scruff on his face, and piercing aqua colored eyes.
“No buts, now!” He spat, then dragged me off.
I realized at that moment, that instead of an ending for my book, I just might have come up with an ending to my life!
We were back at the black B.M.W. he shoved me into the passenger’s seat, then peeled out as I heard screeching tires.
“Fucking shite!” he spat, then slammed a button on the console.
“Tis me Kitteridge, I need ye mate, like yesterday!” he shouted, someone on the other line laughed, then gave him a series of numbers.
I gasped as more gun shots rang out, he pushed my head down, then spun around a corner, the car raising to two wheels as I screamed.
‘Stay low lovie, or that beautiful face of yers will be plastered all over my passenger’s seat!” he hissed as I tried to rise as he hit another corner.
After about 15minutes of a harrowing chase, the car suddenly screeched to a stop, he jumped out, then snatched me from the car.
“ Look 007, or whoever the fuck you are, I’m done!” I yelled, and he had the nerve to laugh.
“Sure thin sweetcakes, here’s Larsen now.” He laughed, then jerked me towards an approaching S.U.V.
I immediately began to struggle.
Every fucking spy movie that I had ever watched told me that Black S.U.Vs spelled trouble, that I was likely not to come out of.
I gasped as I felt his fingers at my neck, than immediately crumbled. 
That was all she wrote for me.
Adin sighed as he swept her up into his arms.
Gorgeous…but bother he could not deal with right now.
A nosey bint was the last thing he needed.
“And does Cummings know MI6 is playing in his back yard?” Noah laughed shaking his head.
“The C.I.A having no notion of me, why that is completely inept.” Adin laughed.
“And that is?” Noah frowned as he nodded to the unconscious woman in his arms.
“Although a right peach from the looks of her, bother I don’t need right now.”
“And I’m supposed to what?” Noah wailed, and Adin laughed.
“ If nothing else protect her. I’m on a plane in five minutes after Jimenez!” Adin cried, and Noah frowned.
“ From what? Why can’t you just take her back to where you got her from?” Noah grumbled, and Adin sighed.
“ Because she’s a nosey lil bint, who caught me changing for my meet with Carlo, followed me, and now he knows what she looks like. I can’t stay to watch over her, so I need someone I can trust!”
“Fine, three days Adin, and I mean it. If you’re not back, I’m turning her over to my bosses.”
“ Bloody fine. Now take her, I’m off.” He said, then shoved the woman into Noah’s arms.
Noah stood there frowning as he watched Adin drive off.
He looked down on the woman, and his brow rose.
Well shit, he wasn’t kidding, she was beautiful!
And Noah automatically knew, she spelled trouble!
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